appliancesIt is difficult to find shops or ready-made lists of enterprises that offer deals with no credit checks. This happens because without an estimation of your credit score, a store won’t be able to decide whether you will be able to make payments on time. Getting financing without a credit check is not longer available in most UK store but  people should not fear being credit checked, as long as you can provided you tender a proof of income, age and address credit checks should not put you off. Vendors like perfect home and PayWeeklyStore offer good deals on appliances with monthly or weekly payment schemes. Most such schemes offer a no-interest period of 12 months, which means that if you choose a 1 year payment plan, you can get away with paying no interest while spreading the cost of your purchase at the same time!


An array of features like fridge capacity, energy ratings and internal LED control are assessed while purchasing a fridge. In case you want to avoid initial deposits and credit checks, you must target the right catalogues or sources. On PayWeeklyStore, you can make payments in installments weekly without having to pay an initial amount of deposit; here credit is based on the total payable amount. Perfect Home offers convenient payment options along with free delivery that too without deposit. Buyers need to cover for accident and theft charges in case there is no cover for home content. Littlewoods has an attractive 10% discount for the first purchase on credit. Products on sale are available for purchase on weekly payments. On making the full payment before the expiry of the payment-free interval, there will be no interest. The cost can even be spread further by using the shopping account on the site.


Freezers are usually a very expensive purchase, one which many will find difficult to finance upfront. If you have a bad credit history, cash is usually the only option as most financing options will be closed to you. However, some UK retailers offer no credit financing options for those with bad credit; all you need to do is provide a proof of age, address and substantial income. On catalogues like Littlewood, you can buy freezers on credit with a handy 10% discount on the first payment. On Perfect Home, you can buy freezers with a simple installment plan and avail benefits like discounts and free home delivery on timely payment.


Things like cookers may be required urgently but also might affect pockets that can’t afford them. Thankfully, there exist catalogues for people with below par credit scores and debt issues. There are many online stores which could help you recover your lost credit scores with their credit based shopping with easy payment options including incentives like free delivery and discounts. Moreover, websites such as Perfect Home have installment options where your monthly payment may amount to next to nothing (at maximum a few pounds). It is an excellent mode of shopping for those who face difficulties when it comes to direct payment and one-time deposits.


There are various online catalogues which offer dishwashers, with the desired specifications and variety. But some shops offer dishwashers without having to go through credit checks, which can be disastrous for those looking to finance on a bad credit history. Avail these items on credit and if you pay installments on time, it will only benefit you because of added values like discounts, free delivery and increased credit limits. Shops like Perfect Home offer easy installment plans, wherein dishwashers can be bought with very low monthly payments with time periods up to a year. Most retailers offer zero-interest schemes for timely payments too, so as long as you make the rather small installment every month, you get away with paying nothing extra!

Washing Machines

There is a wide range of choices for washing machines in various online portals, not only in terms of prices and variety but also in the mode of payment and financing options. Various catalogues provide the option of purchasing products either on a monthly or weekly installment basis, and that too without a credit check. PayWeeklyStore offers schemes which let you pay through installments, thus allowing customers to pay for the cost of the purchase over a period of time. All the products of GetAppliances can be purchased on an upper limit of 150 weekly installments. Many retailers also offer schemes with no interest for up to twelve months. Argo is another popular retailer where you can buy washing machines without a credit check through an Argos Card.

Tumble dryers

If you need a tumble dryer for those clothes that take ages to dry on winter days but have a tight budget, there’s no reason to worry. With websites like PayWeeklyStore, you have access to a variety of tumble dryers on monthly and weekly payment schemes. Such schemes allow you to spread the cost of your purchase over several months or weeks, without even having to go in for a credit check! All you need to do is submit a few documents and show a proof of income and shopping catalogues like Perfect Home will provide easy installment options along with zero interest on timely payment.