furnitureWith the growth of online shopping sites, it has only gotten simpler than before to skim through the long list of available options and make your pick, be it for appliances or furniture. However, a bad credit history can really reflect poorly on a customer and can be a determinant just when you seem to have found the perfect piece of furniture online. In such times, heading to stores like Perfect Home can be your way out! You can not only make a well thought over decision after having gone through the alternatives, depending on the designs and the price range, but upon making a purchase you can avail of their several payment options and free delivery services too, without being worried of being turned down for a bad credit history.


Sofa sets are an essential piece of furniture for any living room. You might want to pay attention to the fabric, the design, the comfort level and the amount of space it may occupy in your living room and the price it comes for, before making a final pick. After having made your pick, if you think that a bad credit history could keep you from making a purchase in the present, you may want to approach Perfect Home. For weekly installments of £5.80, one can either purchase well designed and cushioned swivel chairs or a 2 seater sofa that comes in a range of designs. With payment options being plenty, you can also benefit from their offer to deliver your product to your home, free of cost!


Purchasing a good quality bed which is excellently designed, is priced reasonably well and fits the décor of your room perfectly can be quite a task. However, for those of you who are bothered by your pending installments and want to get past credit checks so you can shop around for a bed for your living space, you can head to online catalogues and skim through the innumerable options they have in the beds section with respect to designs, price ranges and payment options on offer. Starting at £239.00 and above, one can purchase a king-size divan bed without having to worry about your shopping history and spread the cost of your purchase over the span of a few months without having to undergo stringent credit checks.


When you are looking at purchasing wardrobes, it is very important to keep in mind the quality of the wood being used, the design, the number of compartments being offered, the colour, the space it is expected to occupy in your room and the price range. Many catalogues offer a range of such wardrobes, starting at £100 and moving to as high as £429 depending on the storage capacity you are looking for. You can also cover the final product cost in weekly or monthly installments after having made the purchase. Besides, this is free of any possibility of your bad credit history impacting your capacity to make a purchase in any way, provided you submit a few basic documents like proof of address, age and a regular income source.